WASHINGTON – The National Fireworks Association (NFA) President Steve Houser today released the following statement after the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted down the staff package on a proposed rule to amend current fireworks regulations:
“The NFA is pleased that the commission recognized the deficiencies that were in the proposed rule and chose not to implement them.
“We are very happy they saw the flaws pertaining to the powdered metals portion.  There was no data to show that the rule would have led to safer products.   In fact some data showed that the rule could have potentially led to a more energetic and explosive product.
“Aside from the powdered metals, the NFA supported the other provisions of the proposed rule.  Today’s vote indicates that there is still work to be done.  The NFA is wholly committed to the safety of the public and the safe use of our products.
“To Commissioner Baiocco’s point this morning, our industry needs to come together to de…

National Fireworks Association Elects New President

Steve Houser, President of Crazy Debbies Fireworks, LLC Elected President
Branson, MO – The nation’s leading trade association of fireworks professionals, the National Fireworks Association (NFA) today announced Steve Houser, President of Crazy Debbies Fireworks, LLC was elected as its new President.
Houser replaces Don Lantis of Lantis Fireworks who previously served multiple times as NFA President and has been a long-time board member.
“I’m honored by the opportunity to serve the NFA and our members as President,” said Houser. “Together, there is nothing that the NFA and our members can’t accomplish and I’m thankful for the confidence of our members as we move through a challenging time for our industry.”
Houser has been the NFA’s champion in Washington leading the organization’s advocacy efforts to push for changes to proposed regulation that would drastically affect the fireworks industry.
Also elected to the board; replacing Houser as Secretary; was Scott Smith, Founder and President …

Product Safety Letter: Fireworks Group Gives CPSC Three Proposals on Rulemaking

From the Product Safety Letter:
"The National Fireworks Association (NFA) August 23 promoted three ideas it presented to CPSC members the week before. They regard the 2016 rulemaking proposal that aimed to address issues like burst charges, chemical compositions, pyrotechnic weights, device bases, and others. Many were uncontroversial, but provisions targeting fine mesh metals in burst charges garnered the most opposition from some stakeholders like NFA.
That group's three ideas – which it called "common sense compromise we can all support" – involved: Eliminating the metals provision. It pointed to test data it had submitted last year and which it said showed powders that would be compliant with CPSC's proposal had more burst energy than those that would be banned.
Getting rid of the "ear test" – the method of listening for a "poof" versus a "bang" for deciding if a device is meant to produce audible effects.
Adopting pyrotechnic compos…

Fireworks Bridgade Special Report: Save Our Fireworks

In the most recent podcast of theFireworks Brigade, Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker talked with Secretary of National Fireworks Association Steve Houser following a day of meetings with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to propose a compromise that would eliminate the ear test and the powdered metals portions of the proposed regulation and move to using pyrotechnic composition weight limits. 

Here is a summary of what the NFA proposed:

·Eliminate the metals provision from proposed regulation. Last year, NFA commissioned a third-party test by a DOT-certified explosives lab that showed a burst charge with an allowance of up to 12.5 percent powdered metals would generate less energy than a burst charge created with hybrid powders that already exist and would be compliant under the proposed CPSC regulation of zero powdered metal. This test showed focusing on powdered metals is an incorrect way to measure safety.
·Eliminate the ear test. The ear test is subjective and is not a pr…

NFA Meets with CPSC; Offers Compromise on Proposed Regulations to Consumer Fireworks

WASHINGTON – The National Fireworks Association (NFA) board yesterday met with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Commissioners and staff to present the solution that industry should and must support to safeguard consumer fireworks and their safety.
The NFA advocated eliminating the powdered metals ban provision of the CPSC’s proposed regulation and the “ear test” by focusing on pyrotechnic composition weight and other recommendations proposed by the CPSC to determine regulatory compliance.Pyrotechnic composition weight is a proven and scientific method that can be easily measured and consistently applied to consumer fireworks. 
This proposal has been widely accepted by consumer fireworks industry stakeholders and will remain a constant while news technologies emerge, and industry innovates its products. 
“We want to thank the Commissioners and their staff for taking the time to meet with NFA. After years of advocacy, we believe this is a common sense compromise we can all support…

POLITICO Morning Trade: Trump saves Christmas from his own tariffs

From this today's POLITICO Morning Trade Newsletter:

"And the Fourth of July (for now): The list of items that got a temporary reprieve include fireworks, eliciting a cheer from the National Fireworks Association. 'Fireworks importers, distributors, and retailers are small family-run businesses who operate seasonally and can’t afford any costs of doing business,' said the group’s secretary, Steve Houser.

"Two major fireworks companies, Fireworks by Grucci and Phantom Fireworks, teamed up last month to donate $750,000 worth of services and material for Trump’s July 4th 'Salute to America' show on the National Mall. 'Our hope is the President finally excludes fireworks from tariffs altogether. It’s not right to ask Americans to pay a boom tax when we celebrate our Nation’s birthday,' Houser said."
To read the full report from POLITICO please click here

PRESS RELEASE: NFA Stops the Boom Tax on Fireworks

WASHINGTON – National Fireworks Association (NFA) Secretary Steve Houser today released the following statement after months of successful advocacy to the Administration and specifically the National Council of Economic Advisors that saw President Trump delay additional tariffs on Chinese imports: 
“This is welcomed news. The wage and regulatory environment make it impossible to manufacture fireworks in the United States; so, China remains the only source for importers.
“Fireworks importers, distributors, and retailers are small family-run businesses who operate seasonally and can’t afford any costs of doing business. The roadside stands and tents where people buy them are run by nonprofit organizations like churches, veterans’ organizations and school groups that can’t afford and don’t deserve a tax on their primary method of fundraising.
“Our hope is the President finally excludes fireworks from tariffs altogether.  It’s not right to ask Americans to pay a boom tax when we celebrate ou…